Obagi Nu-Derm® Blend Fx

Obagi Nu-Derm® Blend Fx

Serums & Treatments • Cream • 2 oz
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Product Benefits
  • Minimizes the appearance of dark spots and discoloration
  • Promotes a more even and balanced skin tone
  • Provides protection against environmental stressors
Expert Review
As a non-prescription alternative to Hydroquinone, Blend Fx provides professional-grade precision in addressing skin discoloration without the need for a prescription.
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Dermatologist Endorsed Skincare Solutions

Obagi Nu-Derm® Blend Fx, a transformative skincare solution designed to address hyperpigmentation and promote an even skin tone. This powerful formula, part of the renowned Nu-Derm® System, combines the benefits of arbutin, exfoliants, and antioxidants to diminish dark spots and enhance overall skin radiance. Specially crafted for all skin types, Blend Fx works to reduce the appearance of age spots, sun damage, and discoloration. As a non-prescription alternative to Hydroquinone, it delivers professional-grade precision in promoting a brighter and more luminous complexion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Great product

I am very happy with the experience with DermStreet. Great product


I absolutely love how this cream deeply moisturizes my dry skin. The Obagi Hydrate Luxe not only leaves my skin dewy and soft, but it also provides an abundance of moisture. It's truly amazing!

Excellent for skin tone

Many years ago, I purchased the package for myself and it proved to be highly effective. It successfully eliminated dark spots and blemishes, leaving my skin with a healthier and more vibrant appearance. Recently, I decided to buy the same package for my daughter who was struggling with moderate to severe hormonal acne. To our delight, within just 2 weeks, we noticed a significant improvement in her skin. She was thrilled with the results and approached me with excitement about this product. We had tried various treatments, but nothing had been as effective as this. To enhance the effects, we combined it with a Vitamin C Serum and Differin gel every night to repair and rejuvenate the skin. The longer we used the product, the more impressive the results became!

It is functioning properly!

Since I started using this, I have definitely noticed improvement. As a result, I have enthusiastically recommended it to my friends.

Your face will be illuminated and any spots or freckles will gradually fade with consistent use. ...


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