IMAGE Skincare I BEAUTY Flawless Foundation Brush

IMAGE Skincare I BEAUTY Flawless Foundation Brush

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Product Benefits
  • The densely packed bristles ensure smooth and even application of foundation, resulting in a flawless finish
  • The tapered shape of the brush allows for precise blending, giving the skin an airbrushed appearance
  • Suitable for use with liquid, cream, and powder foundations, this brush is versatile and adapts to different makeup preferences
Expert Review
The soft bristles glide effortlessly over the skin, blending foundation seamlessly without streaks or patchiness.
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Elevate your makeup routine with the IMAGE Skincare I BEAUTY Flawless Foundation Brush. Crafted with premium synthetic bristles, this luxurious tool effortlessly buffs and blends foundation for a seamless, airbrushed finish. Its tapered shape and densely packed bristles ensure precise application and seamless blending, allowing for even coverage and a natural-looking complexion. Whether you prefer liquid, cream, or powder foundation, this brush delivers professional-quality results, making it an essential addition to your beauty arsenal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I'm so glad I finally invested in a foundation brush! I used to apply my foundation with my hands which I know is not the best method. But now that I have this Image foundation brush my foundation goes on so smoothly. It's definitely worth the price for such a high-quality brush.


The brush is incredibly smooth and effectively spreads my foundation without leaving streaks. When I tap the brush on my face, it feels very soft. Additionally, I appreciate the metal finishing on the handle as it makes cleaning the makeup off a breeze. I highly recommend this product.


After using this brush daily for about 2 weeks, I can confidently say that it is a great overall product. Unlike some other brushes/blenders, it effectively spreads my makeup onto my face without soaking it all up. However, in smaller areas like around the eyes, it may require some additional blending. Nevertheless, this brush is durable, attractive, and performs well.


I am really impressed with the quality of this brush! The angle of the bristles is what sets it apart. In the past, I have always preferred foundation brushes with shorter, stippled bristles, so this was a change for me. However, I found that the super soft bristles and lightweight handle make it easy to hold. I was initially skeptical about using it as a foundation brush, but it has pleasantly surprised me. The angle of the bristle head is perfect for applying foundation around the eyes and upper cheekbones. The bristles pick up just the right amount of makeup, allowing for more control and buildable coverage if desired. So far, I haven't experienced any "flyaway" bristles, which is great. I'm really happy that I found this brush and decided to try something different. It has definitely improved my foundation application and I will continue to use it. Although I initially thought the price was a bit high, the quality of this brush compared to others on the market makes it a very good option.


This brush is of exceptional quality and applies product flawlessly. As a professional makeup artist, I immediately incorporated it into my kit and intend to purchase more of these brushes in the future.

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